Everything is coming up Daisies


This blog is not an easy one to write. It's about Daisy.  Who's Daisy you ask?  Daisy Dowd is a sweet yellow lab with a pink nose from Alden NY.  On a cold January afternoon, Daisy went missing from her yard along with her sister Dixie, another beautiful yellow lab with a pink nose to match Daisy's.   About a week later, Dixie came home but she was alone.  I remember when I first saw the "Missing" picture of Daisy on social media.  I was so sad to think that she was out there in the cold...

Happy Spring :)

LucyTulipsThe long awaited season... SPRING! Sometimes it feels like it takes forever to get here! Rain, muddy paws, puddles... oh and did I mention muddy paws? Lots of them! Eight of them to be exact every time we step outside!  Spring also brings fresh air & sunshine with the smell of summer not far behind.  The birds, buds and green grass are all a welcomed sight.

Here in Western NY our winters are long.  We wait for the snow to disappear and the clouds to pass.  We put our shovels, snowblowers...




We give our dogs a safe & loving home, playtime, morning walks, nighttime cuddles and quality food...the best of everything! Why not give the best treats too? 

Every time I learn of another recall of dog food or treats, I’m left to wonder…Do we really know what ingredients are in the treats and food that we’re buying?  Are these big companies more concerned with their $$ and not the health & safety of our pets?  In our search to find the best, we...

Happy Valentine's Day <3

February 14th <3  A day for flowers, chocolate hearts, romantic dinners & love <3

How about a walk in the park, a game of fetch, a new toy or treat & a belly rub too!  Who loves you more than anything in this world?  Who loves you more than they love themselves?  If you guessed your dog, you're absolutely right!!  Their love is totally unconditional and knows no boundaries.


February Special!

February Special!

The "Mission" of Lulubean is simple..."Give back"


Animals without a home...These animals spend their days in shelter kennels, rescue organizations, foster homes and unfortunately, on the streets!  Our goal has always been to SELL more so we can "GIVE" more!  We follow many cases and read all the many in need!!!  Most days we don't know who to help first...

This month we're "giving back" to our very own Erie County SPCA.  As the second oldest Humane Society in the...