Our Story

LulubeanHere at Lulubean we know that dogs truly are man's best friend! The unconditional love and companionship we receive from our own dogs Lucy (Lulu) and Lily (Bean) amaze us every day. We treat our dogs like family, because they ARE family. We care about the toys they play with and the foods they eat, and through this desire to provide high quality products for our own dogs, Lulubean was born.

We’ve created premium dog packages that offer some of the best and safest products on the market for you and your canine friend.
We want to help spoil and pamper your most faithful companion. Our packages also make great gifts for someone you know that loves their dog as much as we love ours. Dogs ask for so little and give back so much in return, and we believe that they deserve the very best.

They bring so much joy into our lives, there’s no better way to show them the love  

It’s all about making their lives better, because they make our lives better…