Everything is coming up Daisies


This blog is not an easy one to write. It's about Daisy.  Who's Daisy you ask?  Daisy Dowd is a sweet yellow lab with a pink nose from Alden NY.  On a cold January afternoon, Daisy went missing from her yard along with her sister Dixie, another beautiful yellow lab with a pink nose to match Daisy's.   About a week later, Dixie came home but she was alone.  I remember when I first saw the "Missing" picture of Daisy on social media.  I was so sad to think that she was out there in the cold and her family was missing her so.  I never had the pleasure of meeting Daisy, but somehow she has worked her way into my heart like she did with thousands of others.  However, I did have the pleasure of meeting Daisy's human family... Chris and Nancy Dowd and their adorable son Connor and of course, Daisy's sidekick, her sister Dixie. We met them at their home when my husband and I volunteered one afternoon to deliver flyers to area mailboxes.  With each flyer we delivered with Daisy's picture and information, we were hopeful.  I spent many afternoons and nights driving around looking for Daisy in the  areas where she was last seen.  Many others did the same.  Strangers coming from everywhere were volunteering to help so we could reunite Daisy with her family.  

It wasn't meant to be...

On Sunday May 1st, I received a phone call from Daisy's human Aunt Leeza Brown.   She loved Daisy as if she were her own.   Aunt Leeza has been the energy behind TEAMDAISY and a leader in the search for her.  An amazing woman, she has gone above and beyond for Daisy and the Dowd family.   She called to tell me the news that no one wanted to hear. The ending to this story that no one wanted to talk about or write about.  Daisy's body had been found in a creekbed not very far from her home.  She had most likely fallen through the ice that covered the creek while she was exploring her surroundings.  My heart shattered in a million pieces.  I was devastated like the thousands of others following Daisy's story.  Daisy, the sweet yellow lab with her perfect pink nose was gone.


Daisy's story is truly an amazing, refreshing and heartwarming one.  In a day where you hear and read about selfishness, greed, corruption, so much negativity and  literally the worst of humanity on a daily basis, Daisy has created hope.   Daisy has brought a community of people together, strangers that otherwise would've never met.  This community of people has encouraged, supported, prayed together and lifted one another up when it felt like all hope was lost.  We were all honored to be a part of TEAMDAISY.  All of this for a sweet yellow lab with a pink nose that most of us had never met. 

In Daisy's honor, a website is being created.  A place where people who have lost their pet(s) can go and find the help they need through the many resources that have been learned and gathered  through the 3 1/2 month long search for Daisy.    Daisy will now help other lost pets find their way back home.  Lulubean couldn't be more honored to be a part of this.  



This is not the ending that TEAMDAISY had hoped and prayed for.  Daisy will never ever be forgotten.  How can you forget an angel with 4 paws that has taken up residency in your heart?  Daisy will be laid to rest in her backyard where she once played.  A tree will be planted in her name.   She'll be surrounded by the love of her family, her sister Dixie and, yep you guessed it, daisies!  RIP sweet girl.  

                                                    You were loved by so many <3 

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