February Special!

The "Mission" of Lulubean is simple..."Give back"


Animals without a home...These animals spend their days in shelter kennels, rescue organizations, foster homes and unfortunately, on the streets!  Our goal has always been to SELL more so we can "GIVE" more!  We follow many cases and read all the stories...so many in need!!!  Most days we don't know who to help first...

This month we're "giving back" to our very own Erie County SPCA.  As the second oldest Humane Society in the US, the SPCA Serving Erie County continues to set the standards in animal adoption and rescue.  The ultimate goal is to get these animals healthy and place them with a responsible pet owner in a loving home.  Medications, surgeries, vaccines and the daily care of housing and feeding these precious animals are costly.  We'll give you a $5 savings on your purchase at lulubeangifts.com.  We'll match your savings for a $10 donation to the SPCA.  Spoil your best friend who's lucky enough to have a warm home and most importantly your friendship and love <3


Check out our site...there's a package for everyone and there's no better time to buy and save...save money and save lives!  It's a win win!!


COMING SOON!!!  Look for more savings as we'll be introducing our "BISCUIT OF THE MONTH" Promo



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