We give our dogs a safe & loving home, playtime, morning walks, nighttime cuddles and quality food...the best of everything! Why not give the best treats too? 

Every time I learn of another recall of dog food or treats, I’m left to wonder…Do we really know what ingredients are in the treats and food that we’re buying?  Are these big companies more concerned with their $$ and not the health & safety of our pets?  In our search to find the best, we found Bubba Rose Biscuit Company. We’re so excited to use their products in our packages and to share them with your best friend. Our own Lucy & Lily have taste tested just about every flavor and we can tell you, they’re ALL favorites.

 Coming in March, we’re introducing to you our “Biscuit of the Month.” Every month we’ll feature a new flavor for you to try. Each 6oz. package is at a discounted price and we’re now offering FREE SHIPPING!  There’s no better time to give these organic, GMO, wheat, soy, salt & preservative free biscuits a try! The best part is they’ll be delivered right to your door for FREE!!  Our March flavor of the month is I <3 Cheese…a perfect blend of parmesan and cheddar, paw picked by Lucy & Lily and a definite favorite…who doesn’t love cheese?!  Look for some of our other flavors to come…Mmmm Bacon, Cheesesteak, Pizza Crust, Turkey Club and more!                                                              



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