Happy Valentine's Day <3

February 14th <3  A day for flowers, chocolate hearts, romantic dinners & love <3

How about a walk in the park, a game of fetch, a new toy or treat & a belly rub too!  Who loves you more than anything in this world?  Who loves you more than they love themselves?  If you guessed your dog, you're absolutely right!!  Their love is totally unconditional and knows no boundaries.


So go ahead, enjoy your flowers, your chocolate hearts and romantic dinner, but don't forget to include a little something extra for your best friend.  Maybe a quick walk or an extra special dinner that's a rare treat.   They don't ask for much, but more than anything, your dog would love a little more time with you on this special day.  Extra cuddle time is always welcome. 

                              It's really simple...there's nothing like the love of a dog <3

Lulubean Valentine''s

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